This song is meant to...

  • Encourage the British to embrace the values of their society they've developed within the last hundreds or thousands of years especially because of Christian influence (e. g. parishes already in place in the sixteenth century).
  • Open they eyes to Germans as we're currently walking on the same path, heading for broken families, aggressive secularism and radical islamism.
  • Stop the fragmentation of society in many western countries


The sad story about U Jack

You've been way ahead of us
Telling us things, we didn't wanted to know
Once you've been strong, what a show!
But things have changed
You didn't care for your neighbour
You just focused on your life

Oh, what a poor boy
Defeated from the inside
Why did he sell his roots

To please people in your country
You denied your soul, and many values you stood for
Your way of life, separates
So, things have changed
Let's turn „one towards another", sing with heart and voice
Good saaave uuuus aaaall!

Oh Oh Oh
You must stand up
Jack U must stand up

Music: thePlessing
Text: thePlessing


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TRIPLE JEOPARDY FOR THE WEST- Aggressive Secularism, Radical Islamism and Multiculturalism

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